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When you're choosing a club for your child, you might wonder how much difference she can truly make as a volunteer. Yes, she's young, but the simplest service projects can make a huge difference in someone's life and your child will learn invaluable lessons along the way.

Some organizations, such as the Kiwanis groups for children, are specifically volunteer organizations. Many others, such as Scouts and 4-H clubs complete service projects as part of their wider program scope.

In either type of organization, the leaders help the children choose and organize projects that they can complete. They look around their schools, neighborhoods, and communities to find a need. The children plan how to meet that need and they work through the steps necessary to make a difference. Older children will choose more involved projects and needs less help than younger children.

Sometimes younger and older children may work on the same project, completing aspects that are age appropriate. So, what can your child do as a volunteer? Elementary school children can:

  • Plant flowers to beautify a school, park or other community area
  • Help serve meals to shut-ins
  • Collect food or other necessities for emergency relief
  • Clean up a playground (with proper supervision and safety considerations)
  • Raise money for a charity of their choice
In addition to the above listed activities, middle school students can:
  • Tutor younger children
  • Sew, make or repair items needed for a local shelter
  • and more . . .
High school children can:
  • Provide child care for a “mom's morning out” program
  • Teach children and adults to read
  • Do heavier landscaping and construction work in a community area

The possibilities are endless. Whatever your child can dream of, whatever is important in your community, she can make it better.

Through volunteering, your child will participate in enjoyable projects. She will learn to appreciate her community. She will develop her self-esteem as she sees she can make a difference. Even the youngest children can bring joy to others when they volunteer.

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