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US Youth Soccer - Soccer for Children of All Ages and Abilities


Focus and Goals:

US Youth Soccer offers children of all ages the opportunity to play soccer at varying levels. Their mission is

to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of America's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.


In 1974, 3 men wrote the US Youth Soccer constitution, the first youth sport document of its kind, to create uniform rules and structure for youth soccer across the country. It was adopted by the US Soccer Federation later that year. Today, US Youth Soccer is the largest youth sports organization in the nation, boasting over 3.2 million players, plus 800,000 coaches and volunteers.

Age Levels:

Boys and girls ages 5 to 19 may participate.


Annual fees for US Youth Soccer are $1.00 per player.


US Youth Soccer provides players of all levels, abilities and desires the opportunity to play soccer. US Youth Soccer offers recreational programs for children who want to play for fun as well as competitive programs for children who want to play competitively. They also sponsor regional and national tournaments.

US Youth Soccer TOPSoccer:

The Outreach Program for Soccer is a program for physically and mentally handicapped children ages 4 to 19. Children are placed on teams according to their ability and local programs may modify the program to meet the specific needs of the children involved. TOPSoccer is a great opportunity for challenged children to play soccer. For more information see TOPSoccer on the US Youth Soccer Web site.

Competitive Events:

  • US Youth Soccer National Championship Series: Each year top local teams move to state championships with winners advancing to regional and national competitions.

  • Kohl's American Cup: Statewide tournaments provide the opportunity for recreational players to participate in a larger event. The focus is on participation, rather than competition.

US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program:

National teams of elite players are selected from each age group. The teams will receive top training and participate in international competition.

Find a US Youth Soccer League:

US Youth Soccer offers programs in all 50 states. To locate your state's organization, visit I Wanna Play Soccer on the US Youth Soccer Web site.

Why US Youth Soccer:


  • Provides a consistent soccer experience for children across the country
  • Offers both recreational and competitive soccer
  • TOPSoccer gives challenged children the opportunity to play
  • Inexpensive to participate at the local level
  • Teams are just about everywhere and should be easy to find
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