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Frontier Girls -- A New Scouting Organization for Girls


Frontier Girls Focus and Goals:

The Frontier Girls program was begun to meet the needs of girls living in rural areas of America. It is a new, but growing, organization with troops currently in California and waiting to open in 8 other states. The Frontier Girls Web site states that they are "raising women of honor to be the mothers and leaders of our future through character building, leadership, life skills and service to others."

Frontier Girls Promise:

I pledge to love God,
Be loyal to my country,
and to love my neighbor as myself.

Frontier Girls Age Levels:

Frontier Girls is divided into 4 age levels. Troops are composed as all age levels where the girls participate together for some activities and within their own age groups for others. The age groups are named for animals which display characteristic that the girls within the level display and develop.

  • Otter: Grades K-2 (minimum age, 5).
  • Dolphin: Grades 3-5.
  • Butterfly: Grades 6-8.
  • Eagle: Grades 9-12

Membership Criteria:

Frontier Girls can belong to any faith or religion as long as they believe in God (any higher power of their choice). They must recite and live by the Frontier Girls promise.


Frontier Girls wear a red vest that they purchase through their troop. The vest displays their badges and awards. They also wear a light blue polo shirt and blue (navy or denim) bottoms that they purchase themselves.

Badge Work:

Frontier Girls earn merit badges in several Areas of Discovery including: Art, Home, Technology, Character, the World, Health & Fitness, Outdoors, Agriculture and Knowledge giving the girls the opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities.

All troops must earn the Emergency Preparedness, Etiquette, and either the Patriotism or Our Flag Badge once every 3 years, so the girls earn these badges at every level.

Frontier Girls is the only scouting organization that awards badges for learning and demonstrating character traits. Troops are required to earn at least one character badge every year.


Frontier Girls also participate in service projects that help their community in various ways. Each troop must complete a minimum of 3 service projects each year. The girls earn service awards for completing projects.

  • Otter: 5 hours = Bronze Service Award
  • Dolphin: 10 hours = Silver Service Award
  • Butterfly: 15 hours = Gold Service Award
  • Eagle: 20 hours = Gold Diamond Service Award

Girls are also encouraged and given opportunities to take leadership roles.


  • Make a Difference Award: Girls plan and execute their own community service project..
  • Level Accomplishment Award: Girls demonstrate life skills and knowledge appropriate to their age group.
  • Reaching for the Stars: For Butterflies and Eagles. Similar to a "major", girls complete 6 badges in a particular area plus perform 6 hours of community service and shadow someone who works in that area.
  • Gem Awards: The highest award a Frontier Girl can earn at each level. She must complete badges and service projects, earn some of the other awards and hold leadership positions to earn these prestigious awards.

Find a Frontier Girls Troop:

To find a Frontier Girls Troop or get more information about the Frontier Girls organization, contact them through their Web site. There has been a huge response to this new group and they are getting information out as quickly as possible. New troops are opening in many states.

Why Frontier Girls:


  • All age levels meet together, making it easy for families with sisters
  • Focus on service builds characters and community values
  • Merit badges are actually pins, saving sewing and allowing the organization to offer a wider variety
  • Wide variety of badges and activities from which to choose provides a well rounded scouting experience
  • Includes badges and activities difficult to find elsewhere
  • Must believe in God or a higher power could limit participation for children who might otherwise wish to participate.
  • Very limited troops currently available. (Why not find out how to start your own?)
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