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Challenge! Girls' Clubs for Catholic Youth


Focus and Goals:

Challenge focuses on helping Catholic girls develop an apostolic heart so they will be Christian role models to their peers and others.

Age Level:

Girls ages 10 to 16 may join Challenge! Girls Clubs

Challenge Motto:

Challenge Yourself.
Challenge Others.
Challenge the World!


Challenge activities vary by group, but may include anything of interest to the girls including sports, dances and movies. Girls are also offered retreats, workshops and more where they develop their faith and apostolic skills. Challenge also sponsors a variety of summer camps.

Find a Challenge! Girls Club:

Contact your local Catholic church or visit the Mission Network Web site to find a local Challenge Club.

Why Challenge! Girls Clubs:


  • Challenge provides safe social activities for pre-teen and teenage girls
  • Catholic girls build friendships with others who share their faith
  • Catholic girls strengthen their relationship with Christ and develop their apostolic heart
  • Limited age range participation
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