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K-Kids - for elementary school children


Age Level:

Elementary school students.

Service Projects:

K-Kids are involved with smaller service projects that meet needs around their school and community. They may be involved with larger projects in conjunction with a Kiwanis Club, Key Club or Builders Club.


As a K-Kid, I promise to serve my neighborhood and my school; I will show respect toward my environment; and I will try to make the world a better place in which to live.
-from the K-Kids Web site


K-Kids are often sponsored by a local school, so your child's school is a good place to start. If you child's school does not have an active K-Kids Club, contact your local Kiwanis organization for more information.

Kids Helping Others:

K-Kids provides younger children an opportunity to develop themselves as they serve their community alongside parents, Kiwanis members and sometimes Key Club or Builders Club members. Through K-Kids children lay down a solid foundation of moral values upon which they can build a lifetime of good character. They experience the excitement of learning they can make a difference in their world.

Young children benefit when they serve others and the community benefits when young children serve. If your child is always looking out for others, or if you'd like to introduce your child to community service, consider K-Kids.

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