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Key Club - for high school students


Age Level:

High school students

Service Hours:

Key Club recommends a minimum commitment of 50 service hours per year per member.

Service Projects:

Key Clubs choose their projects to address the particular needs of their own school or community.


I pledge, on my honor,
to uphold the Objects of Key Club International;
to build my home, school and community;
to serve my nation and God;
and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.
-from the Key Club Web site

To Join:

Key Club operates through local high schools in conjunction with Kiwanis. To join a club, contact your child's high school or the local Kiwanis Club.

For More Information:

Visit the Key Club Web site to learn more and locate your local Key Club coordinators.

Members Grow:

Key Club provides high school students with the opportunity to serve others. In doing so, they expand their personal horizons beyond their immediate peer group to a larger community be it their school, their neighborhood, their city or even their nation.

Key Club is run by the students themselves. The students make the decisions and therefore experience responsibility and leadership.

By participating in service projects through the Key Club, high schoolers learn the joy of helping others, the benefits of teamwork, and the satisfaction of personal achievement.

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