1. Parenting

Builders Club - for middle / junior high school students


Age Level:

Middle School / Junior High School Students

Service Projects:

Builders Clubs participate in service projects that meet various needs in their schools and communities.


I pledge on my honor to uphold the objects of Builders Club; to better my school, my community, my nation, and myself; to aid those in need while enhancing leadership capabilities; and to encourage the fellowship of all mankind.
-from the Builders Club Web site

To Join:

Builders Clubs are cosponsored by a local school and Kiwanis Club. Contact your child's middle school or your local Kiwanis Club to see if they have a Builders Club program in place.

Builders Club Benefits Members:

Middle school children are often caught between childhood and growing up. Builders Club provides these kids with an opportunity to participate in the more grown-up activity of serving others.

Builders Club members build character and develop their personal values as they take on new responsibilities. They learn teamwork and leadership and experience the excitement of making a difference.

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