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Jammin' with Junior Girl Scouts--GSUSA's Program for Girls in 4th and 5th Grades


Junior Age Levels:

Junior Girl Scouts are girls in the 5th and 6th grades. If a girl is ahead or behind her age-based grade level, she may participate in Girl Scouts with her peers by decision of her parents, leader and council.


Junior Girl Scouts receive the Girl Scout pin that they will wear for the remainder of their Girl Scout years, either the traditional gold trefoil with an eagle, or a green and gold trefoil with silhouettes of girls. This is worn on their vest or sash -- juniors wear green -- along with a white shirt and khaki bottoms (shorts, pants, skirt, capris or skort).


Juniors begin to dig deeper into things that interest them -- everything from songs and cooking, science and government, to horsemanship and camping of course. Activities teach leadership, responsibility and community service in a girl-friendly way. They earn badges and other special awards that demand a certain amount of work from the girls and help them develop life skills. Of course, they have fun and build friendships along the way.

Special Junior Girl Scout Awards:

In addition to their badges, Juniors can earn several other awards.

  • Junior Aide Patch: The girls help plan and facilitate activities with a younger troop.

  • Junior Leadership Pin: The girls develop their skills as a leader and complete 6 hours of community service.

  • Sign of the Rainbow, Star, Sun and World: The girls learn about themselves by working with the 4 program goals of Girl Scouts.

Girl Scout Bronze Award:

This is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn. The girls must choose a community service project, prepare for the project by earning some of the other special awards, learn about the project through badges and research, then complete the project with a minimum of 15 community service hours.


Girls must be registered with GSUSA in order to participate in Girl Scout activities. Other expenses are optional and are determined by the scout, family & troop.

  • GSUSA registration: $10.00
  • Junior Sash: $5.00-5.50
  • Junior Vest: $14.75-15.75
  • Girl Scout Pin: $1.35
  • Council Identification Set: $4.00
  • Troop Numerals: $1.25/number
  • Junior Girl Scouts Handbook: $10.95
  • Junior Girl Scout Badge Book: $11.95
  • or: Book set: $21.50
  • Dues cover activities, supplies, and sometimes snacks: vary by troop.
  • Uniform shirt and bottoms: vary, to be purchased individually.

Find a Junior Girl Scout Troop :

Many troops meet at churches, community centers or schools, so those are good places to check. Local Councils are listed in the phone book and can help you locate a troop. You can also find your local council through the GSUSA Council Finder on their Web site.

Why Junior Girl Scouts :

Junior Scouts dig deeper into their activities. Earning badges, they have to satisfactorily complete their projects. In doing so, they learn a lot about their own character and further develop the qualities expressed in the Girl Scout Law.

Juniors focus more on self-government and making their own decisions. They learn to both lead and follow their peers. Their self-confidence grows.

The Junior Girl Scout program is expertly developed for this age group. Activities are fun, educational and at times exciting. By participating in Junior Scouts, girls of this age learn things they wouldn't learn in other settings. If you have a pre-teen girl, Juniors is an excellent choice to help her guide her into her teen years.

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