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Special Frontier Girl Awards

Frontier Girls can earn awards above and beyond merit badges


In addition to merit badges, Frontier Girls have the opportunity to earn several other award that represent service to community, in depth work in a particular interest area, learning life skills and developing leadership. These awards include the Servant's Heart Award, the Life Skills Achievement Award, the Make a Difference Award, the Reaching for the Stars Award and the Gem Awards.

Servant's Heart Award

The Servant's Heart Award is given to Frontier Girls who perform community service hours. Girls may earn the award many times at each level as long as they perform the required hours:

  • Otter: 5 hours = Red Heart
  • Dolphin: 10 hours = Silver Heart
  • Butterfly: 15 hours = Gold Heart
  • Eagle: 20 hours = Gold Diamond Heart

Life Skills Achievement Award

The Life Skills Achievement Award is given to Frontier Girls at each level who demonstrate proficiency at a variety of life skills. They begin at the Otter level with such requirements as flossing teeth, treating small cuts and bruises and making a simple recipe. They advance through each level until the Eagle must be able to explain credit; plan, budget for, shop for and cook a week of meals; and follow procedure for applying for a job. Girls who earn these awards will be well prepared for life.

Make a Difference Award

The Make a Difference Award is given to Frontier Girls who plan, lead and carry out their own community service project. The project must be pre approved by the troop leader. Girls can earn this at each level, although the amount of time they should put into the project varies.

  • Otter: 3-5 hours
  • Dolphin: 10-15 hours
  • Butterfly: 20-25 hours
  • Eagle: 40-50 hours

Reaching for the Stars Award

The Reaching for the Stars Award or Majoring in an Area of Discovery can be earned by Butterfly and Eagle Frontier Girls. It involves 3 steps:

  1. Completing 6 badges from their chosen area
  2. Performing a minimum of 6 community service hours within their area
  3. Shadowing someone for a day that has a career in their chosen area

Gem Awards

The Gem Awards are the highest awards a Frontier Girl can earn at each level. They represent a significant amount of work and achievement. To earn a Gem Award the Frontier Girl must complete several badges, a service award each year, and more.

  • Otter: Topaz
  • Dolphin: Sapphire
  • Butterfly: Emerald
  • Eagle: Diamond

Any Frontier Girl who earns a Gem Award can be very proud of her accomplishment.

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