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Esther B. Earns the Girl Scout Bronze Award - Teddies for Toddlers (and Others)


Esther Receives Her Bronze Award Pin

Esther Receives Her Bronze Award Pin

Lisa P.

Who is Esther B.? :

  • Name: Esther B.
  • Age: 11 years
  • Grade: 5th, homeschool
  • Girl Scout Grade Level: Junior
  • Other Interests: Gymnastics

Preliminaries and Choosing the Bronze Award Project :

Esther completed 3 preliminary requirements to prepare her for the Bronze Award project. Esther loves teddy bears and chose to make teddy bears for children who are in the local hospitals.

A Girl Scout Sign :

Esther earned the Sign of the Rainbow by completing activities and earning badges through which she learned about building relationships and reaching out to other people.

Junior Aide Award :

Esther worked with a group of Brownie Girl Scouts to earn her Junior Aide Award. She planned and taught 2 Try-Its to the younger girls.

Two Badges Related to Her Project :

A Junior Girl Scout must choose two (2) badges that are related to her project to help her prepare. Esther earned:

  • Sew Simple: She learned to follow a pattern, cut fabric and basic sewing by hand and machine.

  • Toy Maker: Esther learned about making various types of toys from different materials. She also learned about toys that are appropriate for different ages of children.

Completing the Girl Scout Bronze Award Project :

The Bronze Award takes 15 hours of work, including planning. It is the highest award a Junior Girl Scout can earn.

To complete her project, Esther chose a variety of calico fabrics and found a pattern to make a simple bear. She learned basic embroidery stitches and used them to design the bears' faces (she had learned that buttons were not a good choice on toys for small children).

Esther made 10 bears to complete her Bronze Award project. She put a lot of love and effort into them, carefully stitching their faces and making sure each bear was properly sewn and stuffed. Even though she has finished her time requirements for her award, she has continued to make more bears. She will be bringing them to her local hospital in time for the holidays.

Esther received her Bronze Award during an awards ceremony for her troop.

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