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Types of Kids' Clubs


There are numerous and varied kids' clubs. Learn more about the different types of clubs and organizations that serve children and how your child can participate.
  1. Scouts
  2. Sports & Adventure
  3. Service Organizations
  1. After School Organizations
  2. Academic / Literary Organizations
  3. Religious / Spiritual


Scouting organizations give children a well rounded experience. They make friends and have a chance to develop relationships. They learn values such as patriotism, honestly, responsibility. They develop skills from building a campfire to using a computer. Children who participate in scouts also have many opportunities for community service and to earn "big awards" that can help them get into college or earn scholarships.

Sports & Adventure

Kids love to participate in sports. Plus, it's good for them (Shhhh. It's a secret) They learn teamwork, develop skills, and get much needed exercise. Check out some of the sports teams and clubs available to your child.

Service Organizations

Children learn to recognize needs in the community and plan and execute projects to meet those needs.

After School Organizations

Kids, even adolescents, need a safe place to be after school if their parents aren't home. A place where they can complete their homework, play sports, learn new things and make friends in a supervised environment.

Academic / Literary Organizations

Science, math, trivia, magazines and newspapers -- Learn about clubs that require kids to use their academic skills and enhance their school lives.

Religious / Spiritual

Learn about clubs that are spiritually based -- Bible clubs, sports, scouts and more.

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