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4-H Clubs: Head, Heart, Hands, Health


The 4 H's:

The 4 H's stand for the 4 values of the 4-H organization:

  • Head: Managing, Thinking
  • Heart: Relating, Caring
  • Hands: Giving, Working
  • Health: Being, Living


4-H began informally in the late 1800s with projects to teach rural youth agriculture. The first official 4-H club was formed in 1902 in coordination with the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station.

Participation Ages:

  • Children 9-19 participate in the "regular" 4-H
  • Children 5-9 may participate in Clover Buds (in some states)
  • College age student participate in Collegiate 4-H


In some states registration costs are free. In others it may cost up to $20/year. Dues are established by the individual club.


While 4-H is generally associated with agrigculture, modern 4-H clubs focus on many things from science and technology to well, anything the club members decide to focus on, including agriculture. Each club particpates in projects according to their intersts.


Uniforms vary by state and not all states have uniforms. You can get this information from your local 4-H club. 4-H clothing can be purchased online at the 4-H mall.

Find a Club:

4-H is generally run through the county Extension Office. To find your local 4-H group, look up the Extension Office in the phone book.

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